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[I will be honest, I do not know for certain that I will return to this account full-time. If I do, it will likely not be until mid-summer. However, I thought I would drop by to share this link on the off-hand chance any of my followers might be interested in a HP rpgs (very slim chance, I figure, but it cannot hurt). It has some pretty nice features and you can find the link and a quick view of things right here.

Goodbye for now, my darlings.]

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[Mini-hiatus for a bit. I have not had much time to be online or write in the last while and it looks like it will continue to be that way. Drop me a note if I owe you a reply or starter and I will try to get to them when I can. Sorry to just vanish suddenly. I started this account during downtime for a few projects. With those back in full swing, I need to figure out how to make time for this now.] 

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[who is the smut offfff… tell ussss]

[Well, for one thing, it is mostly very light smut. Two: I posted wips of both pictures earlier, but I can again.

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[Update: I am still distracted by drawing light smut.]

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[Come back to work on replies. Instantly get side-tracked by drawing smut.]

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Elder Scrolls Races ► Bosmer
"The Bosmer are the Elven clan-folk of Valenwood, a forested province in southwestern Tamriel. In the Empire, they are often referred to as Wood Elves, but Bosmer, Boiche, or the Tree-Sap People is what they call themselves. Bosmer rejected the stiff, formal traditions of Aldmeri high culture, preferring a more romantic, simple existence in harmony with the land, its wild beauty and wild creatures. They are relatively nimble and quick in body and wit compared to their more “civilized” Elven cousins, making them well-suited for a variety of professions, including scouts, thieves, traders and scholars.” [x]

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[Arrival in Skyrim vs 3 Years in Skyrim.
The random start gave me a farm dress, steel mace, and a leather shield. I sold the shield for leather and got her a satchel. Sold the mace for water and a room at the inn. The dress is done as a more well-made version of the farm dress (since she is from Anvil).]

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[-throws crazy Bosmer at you all- I seriously doubt she will be used in any RP setting, but the blog for this silly experiment is up if anyone is interested in it.]

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An odd look was the only way to describe the expression that Silaithas had upon seeing the newcomer approach. He moved slowly to stand, outwardly the very essence of calm and control. However, if one were to look more closely, they would see the tenseness in his arms as he prepared to summon a frost spell on a seconds notice, and the wariness in the stance of his body that belied the fact that he was ready to either fight or flee should the worse came to worse.

Ilfhild halted in her steps, unsure of why she had considered approaching such a strange looking being a wise idea. Her curiosity had once again gotten the better of her. From a distant the being had appeared nothing more than a pale blur that caught the eye instantly. 
Swallowing the lump that had formed in the back of her throat, she shifted her weight from one foot to another in nervous habit. What she had expected upon drawing close, she did not know, but she was certain this was not it. 
Another moment of hesitation and she tried to arrange her features into an unworried smile, “Good day there!”